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[Well this is an odd sight.

Actually, more like an odd sound.

You know that annoying Christmas/Holiday music that's been playing non stop for almost an entire month? It actually hasn't bothered Doumeki all that much. But then again, what does?

In any case, he seems to have turned his D-comm on, on accident as they are wont to do, while getting some lunch from the fridge.

And he's humming.

That's right.

Doumeki is humming along with the Christmas music.

The post lasts a good two minutes before he looks down, quirks an eyebrow, and reaches to turn it off.]
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Happy birthday, Nadeko-chan.

Birthday birthday NadeNade has a birthday! Haaaaappy birthdaaaaay!

[Attached: Green and white flower kimono and pale pink obi ]

This is from Kimihiro and I, though I'm sure he's still planning on making you a cake, too.
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[Audio. Very loud audio.]


Thaaaat's right, Dou-kun is getting married married! To Wata-kun! They're such a cute cute couple and Moro Moro is very happy for them! Wata-kun even gave Dou-kun a ring! How romantic!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

[yes, some how Moro is making hearts over an audio post. Don't ask how she does it.]

Everyone should say congrats congrats to Dou-kun and Wata-kun! They--

Moro, what are you doing?

Eep! Noooothing, Dou-kun! Nothing nothing!

That doesn't look like nothing.


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Unfortunately we've gained a few people in our home, and we're looking at moving to a bigger place in Neon's residential district. We'd stay, but there's just nothing here big enough.

I can still work security, though.
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[Right after this log, before Doumeki gets back home]

Hey, you busy?
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The spirit that's going around causing people to collapse...

[there's a very long pause here. Doumeki's voice doesn't raise, yet some how he sounds absolutely furious]

She is a Zashiki-warashi. A child spirit. She lives with Kimihiro, my self, and the rain spirit Ame-warashi. Some one... something is controlling her. Causing her to do this.

Zashiki-warashi would never, ever do something like this on her own. She made that mistake once and swore never to do it again. She is not an enemy. Whatever happens, do not attack her. She doesn't deserve that...

The souls she took can be returned. But... there's a time limit... and some of them are already starting to fade.

She was almost herself again when we found her. She was snapping out of it.

But ... there was... a Digimon that arrived. A Renamon, I believe... it said some kind of spell. She's trapped with him and whoever he belongs to and can't get out. I think she might be returning to whoever that is.

If you find her... try to bring her home. Maybe we can find some way to break this...
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[There is a rather innocuous, plain flyer that has been posted in several places over Neon and Axoryi. It's rather plain when compared to some of the other advertisements around, but it gets its point across pretty well.]

Flyer behind the cut~ )

[[ooc: If there's any questions that need to be directed to the two of the specifically, please post in the header either Re: Shizuka or Re: Sarasim. Otherwise just make it a general question. Log will be up later.]
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I'm sure you've all seen at least something on the comms. It's kind of hard to ignore. Things are going to get very bad, very quickly, especially if we stay here. Noir-san already closed down the shop to wait for this to blow over, and many more places are closing their doors and sending their employees away, telling them to take care of their loved ones first.

That said... I think we should leave. Yes, even you, Yuuko-san.

Not sure to where. Neon City is just as dangerous, but Yowane-san has always kept her door open to me as well a anyone else I might bring, and while I know this sounds... callous I think Lorne-san has a better chance of keeping his place protected than this does. Though.. this place is certainly more of a target for it's own reasons.

I know it won't be easy, but we're the ones that have to stick together here...

Think about it. Get back to me. Please.

[Locked to Watanuki]

Even if we leave, there's still something here I may have to come back and take care of. There's no point in not being honest with you about it...

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I'm thinking about moving back in with Kimi Watanuki. A child spirit from our world showed up the other day and he's going to need help taking care of her.

[Noooo he's not just using that as an excuse. :|  Also strikes = backspaced]
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[No, this isn't terribly awkward for him at all.]

... it's White Day. I got something for you.

[ Attached: Culinary 80 Piece Carving Set ]
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((OOC: Italics = Haku this time))

[knocking, Haku's voice sounds muffled.]


[Doumeki grumbles, shuffles and goes to open the door.]

... Yowane-san?

A-ah... H-happy birthday, Dou-kun!

[half-awake yawn] What's this?

Just a little cake. I didn't make a big one. In case Wa-- ... in case you get another one later.

... thank you, Yowane-san.

I... Dou-kun, I'm sorry for pushing you... about Watanuki...

... it's okay. I should be the one apologizing. ... you shouldn't be giving me something after what I did.

N-no! I wanted to! You're upset... it's okay. I understand that. I was hoping... this might make you feel a little better.

[they both go quiet. Then Haku suddenly squeaks. Doumeki hugged her when she wasn't expecting it.]

Thank you, Yowane-san.

H-huh.. [Doumeki yawns again. Haku giggles.] Go back to bed.


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((OOC: Italics = Greg))

[Silence, before a door opens and closes, followed by quiet footsteps.]


Ah... Sanders-san...

Where's Haku?

Her and Onizuka-san are out.

Oh. The door was unlocked. Sorry. I'll uh... I'll go. I was just going to drop something off. I don't want to bother you or anything.

You're not bothering me, Sanders-san.

... I really wish you'd just call me Greg.

[Silence. Doumeki just shrugged in response.]

... something on your mind, kid?

I've... been thinking about going back to work. There's no point in doing nothing.

... looking for a way to keep yourself occupied?

In a way.

[Long pause from Greg]

Look... I'm... it's no one's place to tell you how to live your life, Shizuka, but pretending it didn't happen--

[slightly irritated] Then what would you suggest, Sanders-san?

... I--... I don't really know, honestly...

... sadly, that's the same answer I've had for weeks.

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[No voice.

Just a very quick shot of an obviously injured, bleeding, and stabbed Doumeki lying face down on the ground.

Before the feed cuts off, his location is posted.

Outside the Hinata Inn.]
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One of the personnel at Royal Base told me she runs a training course for archery there. I asked her about starting a club and she was alright with it.

Should we offer lessons as well as weekly or bi-weekly meetings? I'm going to head down there after my shift and check it out along with doing a little practice if you care to join me.
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I'm just curious. Does anyone here practice archery?

I'm feeling a bit rusty the more time goes on. I was hoping to find a place to shoot and possibly some one to do it with.
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[The comm turns on with a loud clatter and a crash. There's a high pitched, beeping wake up alarm going off, and over it a very quiet 'shit...' can be heard.]

Dou-kuuuuun! Time to wake up! Work time work time!

Mng... [the alarm shuts off]

... Dou-kun?

... where's Kimihiro?

Already awake... what's wrong, Dou-kun?

[groan] Headache...

Oh. ... Dou-kun should call in if he's not feeling well.

[long silence, then a sigh and a clunk as he goes reaching for his D-comm]

... it's already on. [another groan, the D-comm gets chucked back on the table and shuts off with a loud click]
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It's Yowane-san's birthday. We should get her something.
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((OOC: Bold is Daisuke, Italics is Moro.))

I don't see the point of being here.

Noir-san wouldn't just want this place to sit here.

Your logic is so sound. *obvious sarcasm* There's no one out. Those who haven't gone missing have holed up in their homes. Which is probably the smart thing to do.

Are you afraid?


Anyone you know got taken yet?

I don't know many people. ... no, though.

Yowane-san and most of her family are missing.

Sorry to hear that. That's- ... hey. Did- ... did a bunch of Digimon just vanish out there?


*worried* Dou-kun... ?

... where are you going? ... Doumeki! Doumeki, get back here! *the entry/exit bell rings loudly as the door slams open.* You're just going to get yourself taken! DOUMEKI!

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Is there any way I could get some information about the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inns? Specifically what it takes to get a place at one of them. I need a two bedroom for my friend and I. We've been here for a little while, but we're currently staying with Yuuko.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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[Open to non-hostiles]

Anyone know of a good place to get a job?

[Locked to Watanuki]

Hey. Watanuki. I've got a question to ask you.



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